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living in a powder keg and giving off sparkles

Sparklerita Night returns! Twilight 3: Twihard with a Vengeance is: 35% the werewolves still haven't met a shirtless scene they didn't like, hurrah; 25% no amount of fight scenes can improve this movie; 20% especially not since the special effects may be qualitatively better, but exploding marble vampires will never not look stupid; 10% also the superspeed looks WORSE, do you really want to taunt all those people with "Yakkity Sax" clips (again)?; 5% unleash the Matching Vampire Denim of WAR!; 4% Jackson Rathbone's hair and accent actually made me appreciate his performance in Failbender, send help; and 1% lampshading FTW ("Doesn't he own a shirt?").
Tags: most vampire lore is crap, movies
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